Friday, June 14, 2013

Summer Slobber!

Summer is finally upon us, and after a bit of wild weather, I think the heat is about to really kick into high gear. I feel so lucky to have met some cool new furry friends this season, as well as getting to spend some extra time bonding time with some of my other guys as well. It's all about the park, the chomping of sticks, sloppy water drool kisses, cat purr couch sessions, who could ever ask for a better job?

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Yes,I walk my dog on a retractable leash,I'm also responsible and aware of it's issues, are you?

There's been a lot of talk lately about the dangers of retractable leashes, and even talk to ban them in cities. I'm not for banning, but I do think owners need to seriously be aware of the issues and dangers of using a retractable leash. In most instances it's a bad idea, especially in high traffic, high populated cities. Usually when I am walking a clients dog or my own dog, I will stay clear of people who have retractables because of my fear that they are using them unsafely.

While saying all of this, I walk my 9 pound pomeranian on a retractable. She has a few other leashes as well, but I have to admit, I use the retractable more than the others. I live near a huge park and I like for her to be able to run freely there without being off leash. She knows, and we still practice "wait", "hold up", and "stay" at corners. She knows "stay quiet" if she starts reacting to another dog or object on the street. I almost always have her at a 3 to 6 feet lock, unless I deem the area spacious and safe enough, she can walk in the unlocked position, but I still make sure to keep her 3 to 6 feet around me. I do not let her free run up to dogs. I always keep her fully locked when near or walking past another dog. If the owner and I discuss that it's ok for the dogs to meet, I unlock, still watching the situation closely. Yes, retractables are known to break. I am taking my chances, but luckily with a 9 pound dog, if something goes awry it's not hard to grab her or the line of the leash without getting burn marks, etc. I also make sure my dog keeps up with the word "harness". This is a command used for if she is off leash somewhere and I need her to come back to put her leash on. This command also works if I accidentally drop the leash, or if she were  to get off leash somehow.  Practicing this and all commands consistently throughout her 6 years makes her stay attentive and in case of her getting loose or needing to be more controlled on the street, she will listen to me (ok if she is at the park and super excited, maybe not so much, we are working on it...).

I do not recommend retractables for medium to large dogs. I normally don't even allow them in my own business. I take responsibility for how I use my retractable with my small dog that I have good communication with. I abide by retractable leash etiquette, but yes, I do take my chances.  Please check out the link below that talks about the dangers of using a retractable, and also the proper etiquette if you are to use one.

Retractable Leash Etiquette via DINOS website

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Winter in Fishtown

Despite the winter growing seemingly more mild, the chilly season still seems to be never ever ending! I'm so glad that I've at least had some furry friends to keep me warm and distract me from the cold air. Cheers to all my new clients and to some sweet Street Tails rescues keeping me happy and busy this season. Thank you!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

We love to cat sit!

Champion not only loves to walk your pups,but we are crazy about cats too! We are available for cat sits everyday, and usually last minute requests are not a problem. Our services include anything from a quick feeding visit, to longer hang times where your cat can get all the play and purr sessions it needs while you are away.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

It's been a successful summer of furballs,thank you!

It's been a great season for Champion so far. This company is my baby and it's amazing to see it prosper and come to fruition. I've made a lot of new furry friends, and have have met the nicest owners to go along with them all. Along with Champion, I've been volunteering at Street Tails Animal Rescue, an amazing little place in Northern Liberties, walking the pups and helping to socialize them on their way to finding loving homes. Check out the Street Tails website for current animals for adoption and for info on how you can volunteer yourself.
Here's a small synopsis of how I spent my summer, and I've loved every second of it:

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Champion now officially uses Earth Rated Poop Bags on all of our dog walks. Everything is perfect about these bags; they are the best green color, lavender scented, big, strong, affordable and biodegradable. Locally,they are available at The Chic Petique in Philly. I highly recommend them!

Friday, June 1, 2012

FURFACE Pet Portraits by Ketch Wehr

My friend Ketch is a Philadelphia based artist/illustrator who specialized in pet portraits, check out his site FURFACE Pet Portraits for examples of his amazing work!